Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rescue Groups, Shelters- Do you know about them?

This post if RATED PG. If you aren’t 14 or older, please get your parents before proceeding. BARK!!! BARK!!!!! R-R-RUFF-F-F-F!!!!

If you’ve been following the news recently, you may have heard about a dog being tied to the railroad tracks in California. For those who haven’t read the story, here’s a link to it, Train Engineer Saves Dog. PAWS TO THE ENGINEER of the TRAIN!!

Later, I read where the man claims he didn't know about rescues that would take his dog and place it in a home which could take care of it. That’s very barkingly pawing to me. So, I decided to paw a quick post so others who don’t know might know and if they know but someone they know doesn’t know they can let them know, you know?!

"Aren't I Adorable- Adopt Me!"
(C) Allen Pearson
Around this wonderful country of ours are many rescue groups which focus on a variety of goals. Some are specific to a breed, such as Lab-Rescue or a German Shepherd Rescue, Ambassador Pit Bulls and believe it or not, even Plott Hound Rescues . Then, there are the great groups like PetConnect Rescue or Operation Paws for Homes which don’t specialize in specific breeds but do their best to find “Forever Homes” for as many paws as they can. I mention these two simply because I photograph and write for them on a regular basis.

An excellent resource for rescues can be found at Pet Finder or American Kennel Club. Pawingly, there are a number of shelters, including ASPCA’s, which will take in dogs and cats of every kind.  Most county or city governments operate shelters to keep animals under control, Washington Humane Society or Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, which also can mean taking in unwanted pets or in some cases pets you are not able to take care of.
"A Dog Waiting Adoption"
(C) Allen Pearson

If you don’t have access to a computer, ask your veterinarian to help you find someone, or a rescue or a shelter which can help care for your pet until another home is found.

As most of you already know, I am a rescued dog who ended up rescuing two humans during a crazy time in their lives.  So, the fact that I was given up, turned into something good for someone else.  I can’t guarantee these things will happen to every dog and cat given up, but you never know. 

PAWS TO YOU rescue groups, shelters, ASPCA, and all the many numerous volunteers who dedicate their time to help animals in need.  Keep up the great work!!!

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