Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet Our Writers- Dr. Steve Velling

"Dr. Steve Velling"
Used by permission of
Ashburn Village Animal Hospital
Well, my friend Dakota is going to really wonder about me now- being friends with a veterinarian and allowing him to write for my blog!!

Well, this guy is so really cool. He was my first veterinarian and I got to meet him within the first few days of being adopted by my humans.   They love him because he is so human and kind to them and to the animals he care for.  And he really, really cares.  Being so scared at all the new surroundings I was going through with my new family, Dr. Velling made me feel welcome and loved- a nice gift after all my travels and journey to get where I am.  He's not in the veterinarian business just for the money or been in so long that I would be just a client number to him.

Knowing his love and passion for animals, I pawed an invitation to him to write for my blog whenever he would like.  Right now, he writes the monthly feature, "The Critter Corner."

Here is a bit about Dr. Steve Velling: "He earned his Bachelor's degree in Zoology (1988) and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (1992) from the University of California at Davis.

After he graduated, he joined the Peace Corps.  He worked with the local government in Morocco to help eradicate rabies. After returning to the United States, he began working at a busy small animal practice in Southern California.

Three years later, Dr. Velling and his family moved to Northern Virginia to be closer to his wife's family and to have a better place to raise their children. In July of 1998, he fufilled his dream of owning his own practice when he officially opened the doors to Ashburn Village Animal Hospital.  My humans were clients #14 but with a different dog and a cat.

Dr. Velling has two Welsh Corgies, Copper and Rusty, and one kitten, Jill. He likes to spend time with his family, travel, and participate in sports.

We thank Dr. Velling for the great work he does caring for animals, not just dogs and cats, at Ashburn Village Animal Hospital and for writing "Critter Corner."
"Dr. Velling and his Corgies"
Used by permission of
Dr. Steve Velling


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

BOL!! You will never guess where I am right now! At the V-E-T!! How is THAT for timing!
I am there for my annual heartworm test and Mom is having me groomed at the same time cause I look like a mess!
Dr.Velling looks like a super nice vet!
Cody and I actually DO love our vet too (I was just kidding on that post).
He is quite kind and caring, he even lets Mom text him at home if we have an emergency!
Barks and licks and love,

Sheltie Times said...

While it can be uncomfortable and at times scary at the Vet, we do love her. She is always kind, even when she gives us those nasty bum shots.