Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Friend - Pet Connect Rescue

I love meeting cats.  They are fun to play with- sometimes. These two cats names make me hungry for some reason- my friend "Cat Lady" from PetConnect Rescue introduced me to these two cool cats - and since everyone loves Pete Za and Pepper Roni- you need to meet them.

"Pete Za"
Credit: PetConnect Rescue
Pete Za was found around the first part of July with his siblings Pepper Roni and Motz Erella when they were about a week old.

Pete Za is almost identical to Pepper except he has a little more white on his front toes and his humans think he might be a big boy because he's already a lot bigger than his siblings. The vet wanted to called him chocolate tuxedo because he looks brownish in certain lighting and has tabby stripes. He has lots of love to give to your family! Won't you take me home?

Hmmm- though I am getting hungrier by the minute, I want you to meet Pepper Roni
"Pepper Roni"
Credit: PetConnect Rescue
Pepper Roni's story is pretty much the same as Pete Za's except he claims to be the better looking of the two!  RUFF!! 

They just love their humans, they sprint across the room to greet them and if they happen to be wearing blue jeans, they climb to say hello! And, they want to be around our humans all the time and purr so loudly when they pet us! 

For more information, please contact PetConnect Rescue and fill out their online application. PetConnect Rescue will contact you.

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