Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day - Honoring Service Dogs

"Lulu - A Diabetic Alert Dog"
H.H. Photography, Used by Permission
While humans are celebrating their work and contribution to society, the economy and the nation on this Labor Day, I want to paw, celebrate and honor the Service Dogs who work every day without a bark or paw of regret- these are incredible members of our society who do a pawsome job helping humans have a great quality of life- all while having fantastically great dog!!

"Lulu Pushing Handicap
Button to Open Door"
Credit: H.H. Photography,
Used by Permission
I would like to introduce to you a hot beautiful babe, er, oops, sorry, but she is beautiful… WOOF!!... her name is Lulu and she is quite a fantastic, sweet, wonderful, uh… back on the topic …. BARK! to know.  Lulu works 24/7/365 and does her job extremely well.  She is a Diabetic Alert Dog.

Lulu was selected by her breeder at a very young age as being a good choice for a Diabetic Alert Dog. She has the right temperament, is emotional stable and sound, does not bark or make other noises unnecessarily. She is able to be in public areas and not deliberately attract attention from other humans or dogs. Lulu can go into businesses and not distract the core operations. Of course, she must be clean and not have an odor or aura about her. She was the perfect fit.

"Lulu with Christian at
Church Youth Retreat"
Credit: H.H. Photography,
Used by Permission
Diabetic Dogs are trained to recognize when to alert diabetic humans in advance of low blood suger (hypoglycemia) or high blood sugar (hyperglycemia)
before they become dangerous. The human can take steps to return their blood sugar to normal, such as using glucose sweets or taking insulin.

Another important area where a Diabetic Dog has special duties is in emotional security and a sense of balance for individuals and for those who have a loved one with diabetes. They can help you lead a more confident, independent lifestyle. For a young person, this technique can work wonders in the midst of the stress and pressures of growing up.

Lulu works hard as she constantly keeps an eye on her buddy, Christian. As a Diabetic Alert Dog she has accompanies him on church youth trips, family trips, to school, to church, she is his constant companion. Lulu loves her work and knows it’s importance.

"Lulu Alerting to High Blood Sugar"
Credit: H.H. Photography,
Used by Permission
On one occasion, her human’s blood sugar got to low and she immediately alerted him so he could take appropriate actions.  Another time, the blood sugar went too high- Lulu ran down the hall, jumped up on the counter, got the device she needed and took it to Christian –these are just a few of the amazing things she has done to keep her human going. 

And, of course, as my human has said many times, “A boy and his dog are never parted” meaning, the dog is sharing confidence and strength to a young man while he goes through his life- an unconditional  love and care.
"Lulu and Christian
at Ocean City Boardwalk"

Credit: H.H. Photography, Used by Permission

I’ve had the special opportunity to get to know her and play in my yard on several occasions!  My job has been to socialize with Lulu so she knows how to interact with other dogs.  I love the work as I get to spend the time looking at her beautiful face! WOOF!! 

PAWS TO YOU LULU!!! For your hard work and the blessings you share with all of us!!! 

"Lulu and Christian
at Ropes Course"

Credit: H.H. Photography,
Used by Permission

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