Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Friend - Washington Humane Society

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Wow!  Cool- this week's Friday's Friend from the Washington Humane Society is a rabbit- I'd never thought about a rabbit for a pet until they introduced me to one several weeks maybe months ago.  A rabbit is a great idea for someone who cannot have a dog or cat- they seem so cool-

My friends from the Washington Humane Society introduced me to Widget and I like to bark a share with you- According to Dominique Bell, Customer Care Specialist, Widget is a "loving rabbit with a lot of attitude! Before I got to know her, she was known to be the 'mean bunny' on the block! After a week I got to know the true Widget, and discovered she isn't so mean after all! She loves to being hand fed and will cuddle when she knows a cuddle is needed!!"

Widget would do best with a family experienced with rabbits, and with a lot of time and love to give her.  If you would like information on adopting Widget, please contact the  Washington Humane Society.

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