Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, A Forever Home

My friends at A Forever Home do a great job working with dogs and cats caring for them and finding them "Forever Homes."  This week, they introduced me to Brutus Shep Hound!  He is a sweet and loyal young adult who is looking for his human and a "Forever Home!"
Credit: A Forever Home
Brutus, despite having a hard life with little direction so far, is one cool dog! He tries very hard to please his humans. 

He gets nervous in unfamiliar settings but A Forever Home is working with him.  He is learning that the humans in his life will take love and take care of him.  

Brutus needs a stable and calm environment with a strong human leader who can teach and help him clear boundaries and rules of the house!!  WOOF!!

Brutus will give you all the love and loyalty you can possibly imagine! 

Want to learn more about dog adoption?  Interested in meeting Brutus?   Visit A Forever Home!

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