Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

WOOF!! WOOF!! WOOF!!!!! Bark!!! arf?  When I first met "Tico" who my friend "Lab Lady" introduced me to, I thought I was looking in a mirror- he is one cool dog and NEARLY as good looking as I am!! WOOF!!!!!

 Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
This guy is one very, very, very happy dog and loves humans!! This photo of him looks like the many times I have spent in my human's studio writing this blog and helping him with his photography!!  I have made my human so barkingly happy- despite some dog hair on the computer keypad!  WOOF!!!  Tico would like to keep you company!!!

Tico is house trained- he has his method of letting you know he wants to go out and has gotten used to a crate- he will stay in there quietly overnight or for a few hours if the humans are away!

While staying at his foster's place, he hasn't chewed any furniture, shoes, etc.  He loves to follow the humans around the house always wanting to be in the same room with them!  He starts wagging his tail if you just look at him!!

Barkingly pawsome and intriguing is his interest in wrestling with the resident big labs!  He loves to run and chase them around the backyard at full speed.  He's got a high play drive and will chase tennis balls and fetch or pull on rubber toys. WOOF!!!! WOOF!!! AND, he enjoys a good human wrestling if you are interested but if not, he likes a good ear rub just as well.

Tico knows basic commands but isn't into "stay," because he's so excited to be with you- my human would say that about me- so I don't know what's wrong with that! WOOF!!!!!

So, if you want a pawfully, pawfect, barkingly grand, 2-year old Black Labrador Retreiver, who weighs about 44 lbs., but should be up to 55 lbs., I'm not available BUT - WOOF!!!!   TICO IS!!!!

To learn more about dog adoption and Tico- please visit Lab Rescue!

 Credit: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

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