Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of School is Tomorrow, Sept. 2

Tomorrow is the first day of school!  My human doesn't like it as it signifies the warm weather coming to an end!  He loves the spring and summer- be sure not to tell him I wrote this post today-

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Please remember to be aware of children in the neighborhood either walking to school or the school bus stop. There is always the chance that someone will be running a little late to catch the school bus- so be on the look out- and pawingly watch for dogs who might try to follow their humans!

Barkingly pawtant is to watch for dogs who might all of a sudden decide to chase the school bus or chase their student down the road.  Humans with children need to be aware of this too- please keep your dog safely at home.

The laws for school buses in Virginia are simple and should be adhered to by all motorists.  Barkingly, a child's safety is the main concern, not your running late to the office or an appointment.  If you approach a school bus loading students, you must stop your vehicle completely. You should keep your vehicle stopped until the red lights flashing and a stop arm with red lights on, so wait for them to turn off- much like a traffic signal.  However, it is still your responsibility to stop your vehicle loading students, the elderly or the disabled whether or not the red flashing lights and stop arm are functioning.

If you are taking your child to school, the same rules apply on school grounds like the driveways in front of schools where buses may be loading or unloading students.  Be sure to stop-

Be prepared, the big day is tomorrow for many students in Northern Virginia and probably other areas too. Here is a link to the Virginia laws regarding school buses and your responsibility.



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