Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday's Friend: Rabbit Adoption, Washington Humane Society

Dogs and cats aren't the only animals that make great pets.   A rabbit can make a great pet too-  Meet Bright!

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Bright is a really cool, awesome rabbit whose personality matches his name!! A charming fellow with a cotton tail who loves to be held!!

Bright loves to explore so he would do best in a home that will offer him enrichment, allow him to check out his enviornment and give him all of the love he deserves!

Bright is a one-year-old, purebred New Zealand rabbit. 

Want to meet Bright?  You can do so at our New York Avenue Adoption Center, 1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002 or visit Washington Humane Society.

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