Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

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WOOF!! My most leastest favorite human holiday is coming up this week, Saturday to be exact. July 4th. Many humans start celebrating it early too, like the days before and continue days after.

My human, though, is pawsome. He doesn't celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks as he knows how much I don't like it. Pawsome though, he loves me hanging out close to him during this frustrating holiday.
"Flickr: Creative Commons, David Amsler"

Barkingly pawsome is the reason for the day! The reason we celebrate the 4th of July is its the day Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States as an independent nation which gives me freedom to bark, go for walks, allow a human to live with me and the list can go on. WOOF!

With all the firecrackers, fireworks, bright lights, and other celebration stuff going on, most dogs and cats are fearful of all the noise. Several humans laugh or tease their animals when they see them cowering. That is not nice. BARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Humans need to be aware of these safety points for their dog and cat during the upcoming July 4th holiday:
  • Make certain your pet's ID are up to date and current.  If they go missing, better chance someone will help your pet home if they know where to go. Microchipping is another form of identification as you can go to your vet and have the information scanned. 
  • Spend the entire time fireworks are likely, petting and cuddling your pet giving them their favorite treats and plenty of fresh water. 
  • Keep your pets indoors whenever neighborhood fireworks are likely. Be sure to let them "out" before the festivities begin which tends to be late afternoon. If they need to go "out," go with them so you can keep an eye on them. Some dogs get frightened and take off running. 
  • Play music or the television louder than normal to drown out frightening sounds.  If possible, secure them in a room with the music or television- however, be attentive to make sure they don't chew their way out. 
Used by permission, GraphicStock
  • Do something distracting like bringing out your pets favorite toy and playing a game with him.
  • Spend the entire time practicing giving your pet a massage!
  • Keep pets away from lit fireworks at all times including your backyard.  For some pets, the bright lights and objects are invitation to fetch or play and you don't want them to do that and get hurt or even blinded.
  • Do not take pets to firework events. They could get scared, panic and run off! 
  • Be friendly, but not fussy or overly loving.  Its alright to comfort your pet but don't anxiously pet his head while saying, "It's alright" or "It's Ok."  This could produce an even more stressed out dog as they pick up our emotions so try to keep yourself calm.  Best thing to do, is reward him when he's acting calm and collected- then give him tons of affection! WOOF!!
And barkingly, if your pet does go missing, check with local animal shelters immediately. Don't call or email or text, it's best to go to the shelter in person to identify your pet, rather than calling or emailing.  The staff may not be able to respond in a timely enough fashion to ensure your pet’s safety.  Why take chances? WOOF!!!!!

However you celebrate or whatever you do on the 4th, have a safe and fun time but remember the safety of your pet!!


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