Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Help Sweet Norah" - Operation Paws for Homes

Please note: Due to name similarity, I want to paw this article is raising funding to assist dog- not me (Noah!)

I am a blessed dog.  I have humans who love me, a home, food, treats, toys and human friends who come visit.  Unfortunately, not all dogs have the advantage that I have had.

Barkingly, if you've followed my blog long, or my human's blog, you know I haven't always had it this good.  I was a stray once roaming the countryside, was rescued and eventually ended up with my humans.

(C) Operation Paws for Homes
I'd like you to meet my pal "Norah" from Operation Paws for Homes.  She's had a rough life and is looking for support to help get through some challenges.

Operation Paws for Homes is hosting a medical fundraiser to help Norah with her challenges through an organization called, Love Animals.

Let me share with you her story: "Norah is a 7-1/2 pound, 8 year-old Maltese who was seized from a house of hoarders, which for her was a house of horrors.  She lived with  27 cats, six dogs, one rabbit, three kids, and two adults in one house.

The house was horrid condition- I wouldn't put my paw in it- but thankfully Operation Paws for Homes did- there were feces and urine all over the floor, no working sink, trash and filth everywhere.  The humans were taken to prison on felony counts of animal abuse and neglect, as well as child endangerment and neglect.

Norah came to Operation Paws for Homes looking like a Chinese Crested dog because she had very little hair- she was covered with fleas too! arf?

A visit to the vet indicated Norah was not spayed so her increased hormones had caused her to develop a number of tumors. A baseball-sized tumor was removed from her uterus during her spay procedure, along with a smaller tumor in her mammary glands. A second tumor was removed from the surrounding area as a precaution.

These surgeries were needed so Norah could have a better quality of life!
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

Though this girl has had to endure quite a bit of bad in her life, she is feeling quite a bit better and looking good! WOOF!!  She is suspicious that her "Forever Home" may not be far away- she loves to share doggie kisses with everyone!

Operation Paws for Homes is grateful for the compassionate treatment and critical care Norah received to help her recover from her situation.

The care was expensive- would you be able to help defray the costs for Norah's treatment?  If so, please visit, "Help Sweet Norah".  Any donations will help and will be greatly appreciated.

Or, ruffing, may you could share her photo with some of your human friends who might be interested in helping cover the costs or maybe adopt one of her friends.

Operation Paws for Homes, a 501(c)(3) organization, is 100% donor funded receiving no funding from federal, state, or county governments. They rely on donations and our adoption fees in order to save the dogs in need.

Donate at "Help Sweet Norah" to help with Norah's medical expenses!

(C) Operation Paws for Homes

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