Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

The Queen!  The Queen has arrived- all of you humble humans shall bow at her royalty as she checks YOU out for her human and "Forever Home!"  She humbly visits us from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington!

"Lady Lucy"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
Miss Lady Lucy, Queen of the tennis balls, is seeking a few loyal human servants who shall wait on her paw and paw at all times!   She will only tolerate certain chosen humans who will meet her royal standards- though it is not impossible to be there- she is quite the picky puppy.  Barkingly, she isn't one who readily accepts new humans to her circles- a calm kingdom to rule over you without too much activity is her pawfect choice.

Kingdoms with big humans, no little humans, is best suited!  She is quite cautious with strangers and is uncomfortable with invasive handling, after all, royalty must be handled with quite specific paws!  WOOF!!!!

Lady Lucy is a spayed female chihuahua mix who is about three years old.

Interested in meeting her and learning about dog adoption?   Please visit our friends at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

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