Monday, November 30, 2015

Slow Down: You Live Here. We Live Here: Fairfax County

Credit: Exploring By Bike
WOOF!! My human and I love to take long walks in our neighborhood.  It's a treat we both look forward to as many mornings, we just walk around the block.  The long walks happen on weekends and holidays.

Sounds pawfect, right? Wrong. We have to be very careful when crossing streets and at intersections.  I know, everyone has to do this, but not everyone has the speeding cars and cars that don't stop at "Stop Signs" or yield to pedestrians like we do in our neighborhood.

Barking pawsome, for those reasons, Dad has taught me to stop at all intersections and not put a paw off the curb without the "OK" command from him. I've learned not to step off the curb or sidewalk to the street without my human's "OK!"

While that's good and well fine, it's not good for humans to speed through neighborhoods where little humans, medium humans, large humans and well, I won't go further, live- there are little humans playing, humans riding bicycles, dogs playing and possibly chasing other critters, cats are strolling, humans doing yard chores, jogging and all kinds of crazy activities!  WOOF!!

SLOW DOWN- You Live Here- We Live Here!   Not only that, life is too short, slow down and enjoy it.

 ..............and remember STOP means STOP!  WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!

Barkingly, this should apply to any neighborhood, anywhere- all the time!

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