Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Take a Step into the Pit Bull Life

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The Pit bull has gone under a lot of negative influence displayed by the media the past decade. Dog fighting and biting incidents have brought the loving image of the Pit bull to the ground. Advocates like myself work everyday to change this misconception by educating the public and by being a responsible owner. The Pit Bull has been placed under a range of Breed Specific Legislation, varying from owner restrictions to the outright ban of the breed. This article will help educate the reader of the misconception of this wonderful breed, and why it has come to where it is today.

One of the most prominent examples is the involvement the Pit Bull plays in dog fighting. The image is even more tainted by Super stars involved in this gruesome sport such as Michael Vick Professional NFL quarterback. The Pit Bull was thrown into the spotlight, where they are displayed as a killer, that can harm people and other dogs.

There has been many reported incidents of “Pit Bulls biting people” this past decade. The problem with all these statistics is they classify all pit mixes or anything that simply resembles a Pit Bull into this category. Pit Bull isn't a breed, it’s just a grouping of dogs with similar characteristics. This breed is more affected by the owner then any other, the Pit Bull’s attitude and behavior reflects that of the owner. Every dog, as every person has the potential to act poorly, it all depends on how they are raised and taught what is right and wrong.

As a result of these negative actions, many local governments worldwide have issues Breed Specific Laws, more commonly referred to as BSL, these laws have really diminished the public outlook of the breed. The common person that hasn't ever owned a pitbull thinks they are mean and harmful, because of the media’s attitude towards the breed.

The truth,
Thousands upon Thousands of individuals including myself have fought to bring this negative attitude away from the Pit Bull. Laws against dog fighting are becoming more stiff, resulting in heavier penalties. As the Pitt Bull is trading hands and coming into more and more positive ownership the breed overall outlook is changing. Many of the BSL laws are in the process of being overturned as the public becomes more open minded. The media is starting to report on the positive the breed brings instead of focusing on the small percentage of the negative.

Day by day the misconception of the Pit Bull breed is changing, I hope in reading this article you will take the chance of being more open minded and giving this loving breed the chance. The times are changing, and I’m proud to be apart of the movement.

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