Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Seat Belt for Me?

We all need remonbers- especially humans- we dogs, got it down pawfect!  I am repawblishing a story I shared several years ago as it relates to the upcoming season!

One of the things that I paw about the spring and summer months is more time outside with my human! He loves to be outside and I get to follow him!! Not only do we play fetch and take longer walks but we go for car rides. I paw these trips. Dad says he bought his car with me in mind and I love it!
"Dad and I"
(C) TGR Pottery and Photography, Used by Permission

We roll the windows down just enough for me to sniff, open the moon roof, turn the music up loud and head out!! Out the driveway- down the street to the main road we go. I stick my head out the window- then out the moon roof- this is great!!!!!

Suddenly, Dad hits the brakes and I fall in the floor. Ouch! Not fun. I climb back onto the seat. Oh good…..not an accident. Someone pulled in front of us and slammed on their brakes. Now Dad’s worried about me- we pull off the road to a safe place, he gets out and checks me for injuries while fussing muttering about “how many times do I have to say ‘sit!’ while in the car!?? I’m Ok- just startled. We head on our way and enjoy the rest of our trip.

We get home and my humans check me over really good. Guess the jolt in the car startled him more than I realize. I need to pay more attention to staying seated in the car, I guess.

Mom suggests some kind of doohickey thingy that would keep me seated in the car. Dad agrees but isn’t sure what to get. 

Dad heads up to his studio to work on his photography and writing for awhile. I go up with him and lay down on my pillow, thinking about the crazy ride and how dangerous that driver was! Dad keeps working but I drift off to asleep. I awaken and hear Mom mentioning a new harness. Oh no… not a harness! Dad begins exploring on the internet and finds a few things to show Mom.

Mom mentions to Dad about the statistics she read in an article written by the American Automobile Association (AAA) which stated that a dog without a harness becomes a flying object in an accident that could seriously hurt you, someone else or itself, the dog could get scared and take off running somewhere, the dog could bite someone and could prohibit the emergency people from helping the injured. Also, you should never let the dog ride in the front, even with a seatbelt or harness because it could go out the windshield in an accident. AAA recommends putting a harness or seat beat (made for the dog) on your dog whenever you go anywhere in the vehicle. Good grief, that takes all the fun out of a dog’s ride in the car!

Well, they got me one. I feel and look silly. Dad took me for a ride again and I quickly noticed that it isn’t so bad after all. Dad had to stop quickly and I didn’t go falling into the floor. However, it does keep me from being able to get up to the front seat. DRAT!!!

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