Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption and Cat Adoption Celebrates 550th Post!

In 2011, I started my blog to paw about my life with my human.  Soon after, I added a column, "Friday's Friend" to help dogs and cats in the Northern Virginia- Maryland area find humans and their "Forever Homes!"

Why do I paw this each week?  I'm a big dog rescued by PetConnect Rescue and Pilot's N Paws brought to Maryland and found my humans and "Forever Home" in Virginia.

Barkingly pawsome, my human would like to have another big dog or two in our home but it would be too much.  So, to help all dogs and cats, I started writing.

Cats? Yes, Mom loves cats, so I write about them for her!  WOOF!!!!  

We celebrate with this post by acknowledging the love these rescues have shown in caring for dogs and cats:


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