Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

WOOF!! Happy Friday!!  I opened my door and in came 4 puppies from Operation Paws for Homes!  So pawsitively cool!!

(C) Operation Paws for Homes
These 4 dogs are looking for humans to love and "Forever Homes!"

A short introduction to these pups-

Maxton- A 1-year old Hound mix with a cool happy-go-lucky nature!  He is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly to humans and dogs. Cats? The Hound instinct take over so he wouldn't be a good fit for a home with felines. He would make a great addition to a family who loves to play and will continue his training.

Kalei- A 1 year old, female, Labrador Retriever/terrier mix.  She loves to go for walks or running or playing with other dogs and the humans in her life. She had FHO surgery on her rear leg the beginning of January, but has recovered great!  She loves to give kisses to her humans.  She is still a puppy  and will need someone with patience to continue her training to become the best pet possible for your home. She loves meeting new humans and dogs though should would do best in a home without tiny dogs or cats.

Miss Jess- An elegant, tall, and true southern lady lovely.  She is a 1.5 year old,  medium-size, adult, Hound mix.  She is calm and well-mannered. A warm, soft, dog bed, and loving lap to lay her head are her dreams of a pawfect home. She enjoys watching the football game, going for walks or hikes.  Hounds are intelligent (Ahem, Cough, Cough, Ahem!), loving, and enjoy the company of humans. Miss Jess gets along great with other dogs and humans.

Naveen-  A 2-year old, 32 lbs., female Labrador Retriever who comes from a rural area of Virginia. She is learning and trying to understand humans.  She gets along with other dogs.  One of her favorite things is peanut butter and loves licking off a humans finger.  She is very quiet and well mannered. She is crate trained but doesn't like the small ones. She needs humans to take it slowly when meeting her so she's not scared. She is learning to get along with other dogs.

If you would like to meet any of these dogs, please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Application.

If you would like to learn about dog adoption, please visit the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

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