Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happy Birthday!

(C) Noah Pearson
WOOF! I have to say HAPPY 55th Birthday though I know you don't want me to mention that you are 55 and that you have gone over another hill in the human's way of thinking! WOOF! BARK!

Barks, but I have had a huge part in helping you reach  55, barkingly MAKING YOU would be a better way to paw it, by exercising on long walks which keeps you healthy and strong and going for as long as possible! WOOF!

So, Dad, I will not share with others that you are 55 today, but I will share that it's your birthday and I'm barkingly proud to be your dog!

I will paw a huge THANK YOU for taking a chance on me nearly 9 years ago and adopting me. I knew you had just lost your other dog and may have still been grieving but Mom saw a great dog and couldn't not adopt. We have had a pawsome journey and we will have pawlenty more! Thank you for the pawsome food, treats, toys, water, soft dog beds, long walks, playing fetch in the backyard, playing chase, the trips around the country, the long talks and for being DAD!

Happy Birthday Dad!

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