Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Dog Mom's Day!

Mother's Day
(C) Allen Pearson
Happy National Dog Mom's Day Mom! You're the greatest, the bestest, the pawsomest! I still remember you saying when you first visited me at my foster's house, "he's so cute! He's so goofy! I just love him" When Dad was a little hesitant to adopt me, you said "If you like him, we're taking him-" you are pawsome.

As I soon learned, you are an awesome dog mom. You pet me, scratch my belly,  scratch the side of my face, and that little spot behind the ears that feels so good. Barkingly, you share your favorite chair with me and a spot on the bed too. When I have to go to the Veterinarian, you hold my paw and talk to me while the Veterinarian is poking and prodding in places they shouldn't be. I love how you try to discreetly, so I don't get too excited, tell Dad to take me for a walk or a ride. A true dog mom's love.

Though you were afraid of large dogs because one bit you as a child, thank you Mom for taking a chance on me. I know it was worth it and I love spending my life with you trying to keep the skinny guy healthy and out of trouble.

Happy Dog Mom's Day!
I love you!

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