Sunday, May 20, 2018

National Rescue Dog Day!

"Adopt Me!"
(C) Allen Pearson

Today, May 20, is National Rescue Dog Day which recognizes the benefits of allowing a pawsome canine adopt you into their barkingly grand loveable life! BARK!! And, we are the most pawome critters in the universe to allow in your life- well, cats are too. MEOWs, er barks.

"Need a Friend?"
(C) Allen Pearson
WOOF! I am celebrating the day as I am a rescue dog. I was brought to Potomac, Maryland in 2009 by Pilots -N- Paws in an agreement with PetConnect Rescue. I was a stray, lost, and lonely, trying to make my way in this life when I was caught and taken to a shelter in the Highlands of North Carolina. After a period of time had passed, my name was on a list, once I can’t say because it’s too upsetting. Thankfully, I was adopted by my humans and I made their life incredibly better. Without me, they’d be bored.

According to the humans who record these things and note them so the rest of us will know, I’m thinking the ASCPA is one, there are approximately 3.3 million dogs in shelters. For many and whatever reasons, these pawsome dogs lost their “Forever Homes” and need humans to love and new “Forever Homes.” These dogs are known as rescue dogs.

Rescue dogs are different breeds (purebreds and mixed), colors, sizes, and know how to nuzzle, fetch, and paw their way into a human’s heart.  Many of them have skills of immense levels and talents to soothe their humans on the worst of days. Some of them know basic commands, are house and crate trained.

Woof! Rescue dogs have been adopted by humans and trained to do various jobs which help
humans live lives. Take me, for instance, I was rescued and trained to be a Service Dog and help my human with daily living challenges. Several of my friends from Operation Paws for Homes were rescued and found themselves fulfilling the roles of assisting Military Service personnel with PTSD and other humans with anxiety, depression and the like. WOOF!!

Barkingly, a few of my rescued dog friends have gone on to become teachers too. These guys participate in reading programs where they go to local libraries and allow mini-humans to read to them. Woof, rescued dogs teach mini-humans about responsibility, caring, love, and kindness too.

Woof, some of my pawsome rescued dog friends assist senior humans through life by simply keeping them company. Paws, the love, and sweetness that often exudes from a dog give the senior something to love and care for often extending their lives.
"Aren't I Adorable?"
(C) Allen Pearson

Paws, rescued dogs have helped many humans to improve their health just by being a dog. Something we dogs do well. My human is healthier because I make him take me for a walk every day. He pets me, we play fetch in the backyard, and with rope toys in the family room which keeps him active.  WOOF.

To celebrate this pawsome day, volunteer at a local animal rescue or shelter. If you need want to search for a place visit Virginia Area Rescues. At rescues or shelters, you can take dogs for walks, help with grooming and give them pawlenty of lovin’s! Volunteering as a foster is a pawcellent way to help a dog find their “Forever Home” and humans to love!

Rescues and shelters are always in need of donations. Whether its financial donations or items such as blankets, bleach, toys, treats, and leashes. Ask the rescue for a list of items they could use. These lists often vary!

Financial donations are pawsome as it allows the rescue to spend the money where it’s most needed.  In some cases, the money is best used to assist with the Veterinary care of dogs.

If you do not have a dog in your life, why not consider adopting one and giving them a “Forever Home.”  My pawsome friends at these rescues will be happy to help-

Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

An impawtant part f being a human to a dog is remembering to have them spay or neutered. Overpopulation is one of the reasons shelters and rescues exist.

Barks, if you have a rescue dog in your life, share a photo and story in social media and use the hashtag, #NationalRescueDogDay!

WOOF! BARK! Our pawsome friend at “Tails That Teach” founded National Rescue Dog Day to honor the inspiring ways rescue dogs become part of the human family and increase awareness about the number of dogs in shelters. Given a chance, they would fill their forever homes with unconditional love and unabandoned joy with every belly rub.

"Let's Play! I Know You Want to!"
(C) Allen Pearson

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