Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dog Fosters Wanted!

(C) Allen Pearson

WOOF! My pawsome friend "Lab Lady" brought to my attention that Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. is in need of foster humans for the many pawnderful dogs they rescue on an on-going basis. Without foster humans, Lab Rescue would not be able to do their work. Woof, worse yet, the many Labrador Retrievers who need assistance!

What is a foster human? Barks, it's the pawsome job of taking care of a Labrador Retriever who has lost his home and human for many different reasons. The foster human nurtures the dog helping them to learn about living in a human's home including about potty breaks, how to go for a walk on a leash, eat and drink properly and oversee any medical care needed. Barks, the foster human learns about the dog's behaviors, likes and dislikes and even puts them through a few tests to learn enough about them so they can share detail with humans who are looking to adopt. WOOF! BARKS!

Lab Rescue is looking for humans to join their foster program so they can continue to assist Labrador Retrievers. "Lab Lady" states humans interested in becoming fosters should meet the following guidelines:
  • Applicant must be 18-years-old
  • If you have mini-humans, they must be age 6 or older before you apply (for fostering but not adoption) 
  • Foster families must be located within a 90-minute drive from participating veterinarian practices located in Virginia (Fairfax, Purcellville, Yorktown, Richmond) and Maryland (Buckeystown and Towson)
  • Good veterinary history on previous pets
  • The dog lives indoors with humans
  • Reasonable workday or alternative plan to meet companionship, bathroom, and exercise needs
  • Plan to exercise the dog or interest in an older less active dog
  • Permission to have a pet of Lab size if renting or under homeowners association.
Barks. Interested? To apply, visit Lab Rescue - Volunteer to Foster. Questions can be directed to info@lab-rescue.org.

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