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3 Different Dog Training Tips You Might Not Know

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You don’t need to be a professional dog trainer in order to tame your dog. There are several helpful tips and ideas on how you can train your dog and avoid their anxious behavior. It is all about communicating with your dog and learning their nature and then you can find a way to control it.

Many people suffer the terrible dog situation. But trust me the fault is not of the dog here. If you can put up to their behavior and control them you will have a perfectly calm and tamed pet, but how to do it? The answers are right below so come let’s have a look.

Understand the dog’s mind and train accordingly
It is easier to train your dog once you can understand its mind and mental state. Try to figure out the reason or the thing that might be triggering the anxious behavior.

Once you can identify that you can come up with techniques to ease it and calm it down. One great way to understand the dog is by reading its body language.

Dogs are very extroverted animals and communicative in nature. They express a lot of their behavior and emotions with their tails.

So try to understand their mood and mental state by reading their body language. If you understand them well enough it will become easier to give them feedbacks and commands.

Be the leader, not the follower
Dogs are animals that live in clans or packs. They have the instinct to either take command or follow the leader which is why initially many dogs show you challenging behaviors like avoiding your commands or not doing what you want them to do.

But if you allow them to behave that way for far too long, then they will start to assume that you do not have the leadership qualities and they can’t rely on you for survival.

To avoid that, always take command and use positive or negative responses to their acts.
(C) Allen Pearson Photography

If you start to take the lead and give them feedback and don’t support their anxious behavior, they will submit to you and follow you with a calm mind with ease.

Set your dog free of restraint
When it comes to dogs, they are absolutely obedient in nature. They can be the best buddy you can possibly imagine off. But just like humans like to have space and spend good times, dogs are the same in that context.

You need to provide them with respect if you want to gain their respect. Set them free and let them have their own space. If you bind them in a confined space all day long they will start to feel like a prisoner.

So that must be avoided at all times. Let them enjoy their day and you will be able to train them better.

Dogs are great animals and display emotions just like you do. It is all about understood their anxiety and trying to figure out a way to calm them down. If you can achieve that, there shall be no problem whatsoever in training them. If you practice these suggestions you can see a great change in your dog's behavior and train without any hazard.

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Jeremy grew up in in a house full of dogs, a cat, and even rabbits. He recently decided to share his advice and opinions on his very own pet blog BestDogFood.com.

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