Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART)

Photo:Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART)
Credit: Allen Pearson
MEOW! Happy Friday! I don't know about you but I wish this super frigid ridiculously freezing weather would warm up a bit. It's been too cold for my dog brother Noah or my human to spend much time outside and they are getting beyond the point of annoying! HISS! Noah and Dad need a good walk for a few miles so I can get so peace and quiet! Paws, however, it does make my human mom more fun to snuggle with.... do you have a cat to snuggle with? They are the bestest you know! My pawsome friend "Miss Kim" from Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) brought by a handsome cat for you to meet! 
cat paw

Fergus is around 10-years-old, not declawed, is friendly with dogs, other cats and mini-humans. He is a cute guy who is SUPER CURIOUS, playful, pouncing, and loves treats. Pawsitively loves treats. He wouldn't quit telling me about the treats he likes! MEOWS!

Fergus isn't much for sitting on human's laps but he does enjoy hanging out and stting near them for pawssible scratches! He likes to perch on high places and watch his humans too. Fergus will allow you to pick him up gently but only hold him for a minute.

Fergus's foster parents call him a "cool guy" but he does get stressed in overwhelming situations. He prefers a calm and quiet family with another calm pet, cat or dog, is good. He would be fine as your one-and-only-cat-that-is!

Meows, Fergus needs to stay on a special food which is really easy to purchase! He needs it to prevent kidney stones! Paws, though he's a senior, he doesn't act like an old man at all. He loves entertaining himself or playing with his humans. 

If you have questions about Fergus, please contact Kim.

Interested in learning more about cat adoption? Pawlease visit the Homeless Animals Rescue Team's Cat Adoption Guide.

If you would like to meet Fergus or apply to adopt him, pawlease complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Team's Cat Adoption Application

Meow! Purr. Do you love cats but are not able to adopt? Please consider supporting Fergus financially. Donations will assist with his care. Any extra funds will be used to assist other cats at Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART). Interested? Please donate HERE!

Photo: Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART)
Credit: Allen Pearson
Cat paw

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