Monday, February 4, 2019

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!

"Delivering the Mail!"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography


WOOF! Every day I hear her truck coming up the hill. She makes two stops then I'm next! I see her stop at the mailbox and sometimes she has to get out and bring packages to the front door! BARK! BARK! MEOW, I do too! I look and watch out the front window!

Every once in a while my human and I will see her delivering the mail to other humans and she will make a quick stop to say "Hi!" and pet me for a second- then she's on her merry way to do assigned chores.

Paws, did you know the Second Continental Congress established the Constitutional Post, which was the first organized mail service in America, in 1775? The nation's first Postmaster General was Benjamin Franklin who established many of the protocols we have come to know today. The first postage stamp was invented in 1847! WOOFS!  The Pony Express began in 1860 with free city delivery in 1863 and rural free delivery in 1896. MEOWS, Got zip code? The zip code began in 1963!

Today, I bark a huge THANK YOU to the mail carriers and especially a barkingly grand and loud WOOF! to our pawsome mail carrier who makes sure we receive our packages, letters, and yes, our bills! A pawsome job they do every day!

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