Saturday, February 9, 2019

Product Review: Lumabone

"Lumabone - Ride the Bacon!"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography

I am barking and pawing a product review for Lumabone is this post! Paws, I was not compensated, given human money which I have no use for, given any delectable treats to pawsuade my opinion. I was given a few products from Lumabone to review!

WOOF! WOOF! I love these Lumabones! My human has been wanting to find a chew treat or toy which would keep me somewhat busy while he is working on writing or photography for a client. Barkingly, I like to curl up near him to make sure he is doing what he's supposed to do. BARKS!

"Noah and Lumabone Package"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
When I was contacted to review this product, "Lumabone," I was pawsomely excited. Finally, the box came and I couldn't help my paws from digging into it! WOOF1 My box was filled with these pawsome treats which are designed to help with my dental care.

Dental care? Yes, my dental care! Since I do not allow my human to brush my teeth, he likes to use products which will assist with doing it! WOOF! BARKS!

WOOF! The Lumabones taste like bacon too!
BACON!? WOOF! Oh, my barks - will do almost anything for bacon! And more bacon. Delicious! Barks!

I have Lumabones in my human's office and in the car we use to go exploring the universe! This way, I will always have something to chew on when my human is pre-occupied! WOOF!

The Lumabone treats are available in different sizes. To learn more about the roduct, visit Lumabone! Barkingly, as with all products for your bestest buddy, read through the safety guidelines to make certain they can be used by your dog! Lumabone stresses safety when using the product. 

Lumabones are available for purchase at Walmart and Target.

WOOF! Allergy Warning: Lumabones are made in a facility that processes nuts, including peanuts, as well as other flavors. So they may cause an allergic reaction in humans or animal that are allergic to peanuts, pork, poultry, mint or nylon.

"Noah and a Lumabone!"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography


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