Thursday, September 12, 2019

Selecting a Dog Food

"Dog Food"
Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

WOOF! WOOF! At "from The Dog's Paw" we do not endorse or specifically recommend any brand of dog food for your pawsome companion. Why? Barks, there are pawlenty of great dog foods on the market these days ranging from very inexpensive kibbles found at non-pet specialty big box stores to food created for dogs which smell delicious enough that my human has wanted to take a taste! There are commercial brands and non-commercials brands. There is wet food and dry food.

Barkingly, there are many humans who highly recommend cooking meals for dogs and even feeding them raw foods.

Paws, our philosophy is that each dog is an individual. Each one requires different food to be the bestest-dog-that-can-be! WOOF! We highly recommend going past all the commercials, the glimmer, the excitement, the many words said by other humans to determine what is the best food for your dog.

Barks, we believe the humans need to consider what they can afford on an on-going basis too. If you have a great salary now and you are pretty sure, if not pawsitive, that you will have that good salary a few years from now then you should invest the best dog food. However, if you are not certain, maybe a less expensive food is best. Dogs generally require the same food consistently and do not usually change easily without some issues including upset stomachs and diarrhea.

Convenience is a factor too. My human knows of a great feed store across county which carries the bestest food he could find! WOOF! A great idea but it really wasn't convenient. WOOF! I know that may sound selfish but it really isn't. With the traffic congestion, responsibilities in life, it could become very difficult for him to drive across county to get my food. WOOF! And, since I only use the Forester when he's not around to stop me, I can't just take off when I want to either. Barks. For us, it turned out to be a good thing we did not use this resource or product because my human had to care for his parents and his in-laws over a period of time which would have made it almost impossible to drive across county. Barkingly, my human went with the best food he could afford at a local pet supply store.

Knowing the considerations I just pawed about, our most impawtant part of the food decision is consulting with the Veterinarian, doing pawlenty of internet research, reading dog magazines like Dogster and Whole Dog Journal and making a decision. Barks.

Recently, in discussion with my Veterinarian about some personal issues, she stated she wanted me to change my diet from my current delicious foods. Barkingly, this was around the time the Food and Drug Administration released a list of dog foods which may cause health problems. Barkingly, my humans are following the instructions of my Veterinarian. Paws, she recommends humans who have concerns about their dogs' food should call the company and ask questions. The company's who will take the time to answer your questions are genuinely concerned about your dog's health.

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