Monday, September 9, 2019

Storms Emergency Preparedness for Dogs and Cats

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WOOF! MEOW! Samson and I have been watching the news on television lately with Mom and keep hearing these weather updates about Hurricane Dorian and its stalling over the Bahamas! WOOF! When my humans and I were at Topsail Beach, North Carolina, we noticed the storm on a weather app off in the Atlantic Ocean. At the time, it appeared to be just another storm. Barkingly, it developed into one of the worst hurricanes in the recorded history of the Atlantic Ocean.

Paws. I came home and told Samson what we saw and how it's grown into a hurricane! Barks, and we got to thinking, are humans prepared WITH their pets for the storm? While Hurricane Dorian went off the East Coast further into the Atlantic Ocean not visiting Virginia, humans should prepare now for "Storm Emergency Preparedness."  Woofs, after all, it is only the beginning of September and who knows what may come our way in the next months. Barks, you do NOT want to leave your pets behind in an emergency so prepare now for the unexpected.

WOOF! Before a storm or emergency becomes a reality and you only have a few minutes to act:

NEVER leave your pets at home during an emergency-
WOOF! My humans would never leave me or Samson alone at the house in an emergency. We are an impawtent part of of the family! They have prepared items we might need so we can leave together.

Leaving your pets is never a good idea. Even if they survive a storm or another emergency, they could go days without food or water. Barkingly, they could escape a damaged home and end up wandering the area getting hurt!

Paws, if your pets go missing, it might impawssible to find them again. Barks, in some areas, there are laws against leaving, or abandoning, your pets during an emergency.

Get your pets vaccinated-
Barks, if you haven't already done so, get your pets updated with their vaccinations. After an emergency, infectious diseases can become quite a threat to your pets.

Obtain travel-size crates for each pet-
Travel-size crates should be easy for you to carry and transport in an emergency. They should be large enough for your pets to move around in but not have enough room to do their "business."

Barkingly, remember, in an emergency, you may have to carry the crate quickly and a long distance. Look for a practical easy-to-carry crate. 

Gather impawtent papers about your pet-
WOOF! My humans keep a notebook of our vaccination records in their vehicles. Though the Subaru Forester is the primary car we'd use in an emergency, should something happen and we cannot use it, the other car is ready!

In the notebooks, a copy of our rabies vaccination certificate, a list of vaccinations and photos of Samson and I. The photos allow for quick identification.

Update your pets collars, ID Tags, Vaccination Tags, and Microchips-
Now is great time to make certain your pet has a collar with which you can attach a leash! Barkingly, the collar and leash are ideally ones with which your pet is used to wearing with the leash being comfortable for you to use.

ID Tags, even with the use of microchipping, should be attached to the collar so other humans can easily read and know where the pet belongs. Woof, I like having two forms of ID on me. Should a human not be able to get to a Veterinarian's office to read the microchip, I have the ID collar too.

Prepare a Pet Disaster Relief Kit for each pet-
Keeping your pets safe and happy in an emergency is of utmost priority for pet parents. Prepare a special Pet Disaster Relief Kit with these items:
  • Medications and important vaccination records paper in a water-proof bag.
  • A blanket and favorite toy(s)
  • Non-spill food and water dishes
  • A 14-day supply of food, water in nonbreakable containers
  • A manual can opener
  • Grooming supplies
  • And don't forget to bring the bestest-ever treats!

Make a list of local hotels and other places where you and your pets can go- 
WOOF! Check with family and friends about staying with them in an emergency.

Barkingly, create a list of local hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts where you can stay with your pets. While you are making your list, ask if they make exceptions and take pets during emergencies.

During a weather-related emergency, make a reservation in advance.

WOOF! Visit to learn about hotels which accept pets.

Practice your evacuation plan-
MEOWS! We cats can be quite difficult at times and especially during times of stress. I highly recommend practicing your emergency evacuation with your cat and dog too. This way, you are prepared! Purrs!

Paws, should your pet go missing during an emergency, contact your local animal shelter and rescue organizations about your pets.
Emergency Preparation for Pets

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