Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Rescued Dog and Cat's Thanksgiving Day Prayer! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
(C) Storyblocks, Used by Permission

A Rescued Dog and Cat's Thanksgiving Day Prayer

"Dear God,
Woof! It's me, Noah!
MEOWs! And me, Samson!
But you probably already know that...
thank you for so many blessings you have given us!

Woofs, thank you, Jesus, for the long walks with Dad,
the delicious food at every meal,
for the delectable treats I get every day,
the toys I get to play with whenever I want,
the nice warm crate full of blankies and pillows,
the nice warm bed where I can sleep between my humans
or the other bed where I can have it all to myself,
the loving pets on my head and the pawsome belly scratches,
the car rides, even the short ones are so much fun,
my red winter coat- yes, though I do not like wearing it, it keeps me warm,
for Mom who always likes to pet me and scratch my ears
and for sharing her favorite chair with me,
and for telling Dad to adopt me,
for my pawsome Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians who
take of my well-being.

MEOWS! MEOWS! Lord God thank you for my pawsome humans,
for the home full of love you have given me,
for the delicious food and treats and water,
for the incredibly pawsome wand toy
that Dad loves to play with too!
Purrs, thank you pawsomely purrings from the bottom of my kitty-cat heart 
for helping me to learn that Dad is really a great guy
and I shouldn't be afraid of him,
I love my morning cuddles with him now,
my head-butts into his chin,
his beard feels so good,
and kneading his arms every morning
every afternoon,
and every night.
whenever he moves in his studio, meows,
He's told me he 'LOVES' me
which is something I haven't had from a male human before.
Paws, it is a pawsomely wonderful gift!
Meows, thank you for Mom too.
If it wasn't for her, I might be still looking for a "Forever Home!
Thank you for my pawsome table in Dad's Studio where I get to
lay and watch birds all day long!"

Thank you God for all of our pawsome blessings!"
Noah and Samson

Happy Thanksgiving!
May you have a pawsomely
blessed day with family and friends!

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