Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Annual Thanksgiving Breakfast!

Noah Heading Out on a Trip!
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
WOOF! WOOF! My human and I, uh especially my human, enjoy heading out to the Shenandoah Valley to meet up with one of his long-time friends for breakfast and a few hours of chatting. Some times I go with him just to get out, other times I stay home to get a few hours of peace and quiet and, oh yeah- rest! It's rarely quiet around the house when he's home! Barks!

Barks, this year's Annual Thanksgiving Breakfast, as Dad calls it, was on a Wednesday - my day with Dad and his day off. On Wednesday's we always do something together like go for a really long walk, railfanning, or walking around a local home improvement store. We both love it. This day, I got a pawsome ride out to the Shenandoah Mountains.

Barkingly, Dad and his friend like to meet at a Denny's in Strasburg which has delicious meals, clean atmosphere, and friendly service. They chat for what seems like an eternity but Dad always enjoys it. They have known each since Dad was around 7-years-old which is quite a few centuries ago! WOOF! Barks.
Trestle Bridge, Compton, VA
Trestle Bridge, Compton, VA 

Barks, I wait patiently and read my recent issues of Trains, Railroad History, Dogster, Whole Dog Journal, and Catser - well, paws, so I can try to reasonably understand Samson, my crazy cat brother!! WOOF! Yeah, I read a lot of Dad's magazines.

When they finish, Dad and I took off to explore the universe! I love this... I sit back with my blankies, chew toys, treats, and pillow and he drives where we end up going! A great set up!

Today, I heard Dad say we were headed to Shenandoah, VA, to visit the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard. I'm not sure what a railyard is, so this should be fun. Though Dad has lived in Virginia most of his life and loves exploring the Shenandoah Valley, there are a few places he has not been to yet! This town is one of them!

Shenandoah, VA, Railyard
"Shenandoah, VA, Railyard"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
We drove from Strasburg to Front Royal through some small towns. One of them was Compton, VA. Dad says its just a spot on the map but he likes stopping here to watch for any trains that might go across the trestle bridge! We waited a few minutes but since time was short, Dad took a few photos and we headed out. Woof!

As we went over hill and dale around curves only to find more hills and dales and curves to go up and down and around I was beginning to think Dad was playing a joke on me. It seems like all we were doing was going around in circles! WOOF! Barks. As we drove through Luray, VA, I wanted to go visit the Luray Caverns since we'd seen trains here before, but, Dad wanted to keep going so we did! WOOF!

We finally arrived in Shenandoah, VA, a pawsitively quaint little town! I noticed a few signs indicating it's a Historic Railroad Town. WOOF! Barkingly, Dad stopped a few places to photograph and then we watched a short train go by. Barks. A fun time had by all- sarcasm not really intended. Barks.

Barkingly, the town of Shenandoah, VA, much like many small towns in Virginia was part of the American Civil War. Today, there a pawlenty of historic sites, towns, battlefields and the like where you can learn about the history. Woofingly, there are pawlenty of natural areas where you can enjoy a pawsome day's drive enjoying the beauty. Barks.

Norfolk Southern at Shenandoah Railyard, Shenandoah, VA
"Norfolk Southern at Shenandoah Railyard, Shenandoah, VA"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
Our drive home was uneventful though we did hear a few train horns in the distance as Norfolk Southern made its way through the winding hills of Virginia. Dad and I smile and look to see what we might see and learn its too far off in the distance.

Barks and paws, we are not affiliated with the magazines mentioned in this post or Denny's.

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