Saturday, February 11, 2012

Been on Vacation

Hello-  Sorry I haven’t written much lately, been on vacation in the Dogminica ReBarklick.  I got to lay out by the pool, dogpaddle some laps, drink sodas, water, feast on international dog foods and treats and take long walks on the beach.  You would not believe the lassies in bikinis, oh my, uh…… well…….uh….., this is a family-friendly blog, so I best be polite, they would make you drool- oh, I’d love to see Lulu dressed like that!   Took a ride on this huge truck to see the jungles and people who lived there –what life is like. This truck made a Hummer H2 (which I really want) look small.  We had trouble getting across one of the rivers- the guy had to back up and try again twice!!  It was so cool!! The humans were scared but not me!! Then,I went on a tour around town to see the city. I took a sky cab tram up the side of the mountain to get a view of the city. Saw a fort,   Had a great time- had to return here before my humans returned from their trip (I just made it- and they are none the wiser- except mom found the umbrella and flower behind my ear…….. she just smiled…  ) so I am back to writing, my regular schedule. (I’ll share a few pics with you as time allows.)

Here's one to start with........... this is the resort where I stayed.   

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