Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday's Friend

Oh WOW!! This is soooooo cool!!! This week's Friday's Friend is really special!  First, my Dad took the pic and my Mom is holding the cat (I gotta speak to her about that- but then she is a little cat crazy- )

Meet Mrs. Beasley- I wonder if she is related to the Mrs. Beasley on the TV show "Family Affair" that my Dad likes to watch on DVD, once in awhile-  And that's my mom in the background!!!

Since Mom is holding this cat, she must be really special – and, you all know cats aren’t my favorite, but even I have to admit she's a good looking kitty! Mrs. Beasley was dumped at a farm in a Rubbermaid container with two of her friends (where did Buffy go?). Now she’s safe in a loving foster home, but still needs to find a person or family of her own. Not one to hold a grudge, Mrs. Beasley is a friendly, loving cat (did I really write that- for all my dog friends-Dad made me do it), who while shy at first warms up quickly. To meet Mrs. Beasley (born in April 2011) please visit my friends at PetConnect Rescue and look for Mrs. Beasley in the “Adopt a Cat” section.

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