Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Friend

I've got a new friend to introduce you to this week.  Meet Cody. This one actually sounds like a cool cat -I'd like to meet- (did I say that? my editor probably snuck that in to be polite).

This cool cat's name is Cody and is only 9 months old, but don’t let that fool you – he's a playful kitten at heart! He love wrestling with the other foster kittens and cats and is an expert at chasing a little red dot that my foster mom calls a laser pointer. When the other kitties aren't in the mood, I even try to play with the dog that lives here. He’s not as fast, but I enjoy trying to catch his tail when its wagging. If you’re looking for a fun companion, then I’m your guy! I’d love to find my forever home with a person or family that has a cat or a dog that I can play with and a nice lap or two where I can snuggle. If that’s you – you can find out more about me at PetConnect Rescue .

If you're looking for a family cat, this one sounds specially cool- be sure to check him out!!    (I think my vacation from my humans has weird-ed out my brain cells).

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