Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friday's Friend

For those wondering, yes, I know it's Thursday and I'm posting "Friday's Friend" on  Thursday, but there is a pawthod in my madness ..... posting today allows the email to go out and search engines time to pick up my writings therefore gaining attention to my friends looking for homes.  Pretty smart dog, aren't I?

Got another cat to introduce you to this week.   Take a look at this cat's pic.

And here's some info. about him:

This handsome (for a cat) boy was born in August of 2009 and he’s quite a character! He loves to play with the other cat in his foster home and he enjoys a good snuggle with his foster dad. So far, curiosity hasn’t gotten this cat in trouble; Griff loves to explore and watch the birds in his backyard (from the safety of his home – Griff is an indoor kitty). He’ll keep you laughing with his antics! If you’d like to meet Griff, please visit the PetConnect Rescue website: PetConnect Rescue .

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