Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Friend- Two Cats

Happy Friday to you!!! I look so forward to this day- especially toward the evening when my humans come home from work- Dad looks at me and smiles!  I know what that means- it's our time to do stuff!!

I want to introduce to you Daisy & Gavin!!  First, did you know that Black & White cats are called “tuxedo” cats? My friend "The Cat Lady" told me that, and these two kittens are dressed in their tuxedo finest waiting for someplace to go! Don't they look spiffy??!  Daisy & Gavin were rescued from a southern shelter and though they aren't related they are best buddies! Daisy is a few weeks older than Gavin but they play and wrestle together in their foster home. Their playful nature and sweet dispositions keep their foster family laughing. Both are affectionate, but Daisy loves to give kisses! Daisy and Gavin can be adopted together or individually – if you’d like to learn more about them, please visit my friends at the PetConnect Rescue website at   PetConnect Rescue Adopt a Cat


Have a great weekend ........

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