Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pet Fiesta! May 5, 2012, Reston, VA

Pet FiestaI hope to see you at the Pet Fiesta! event this weekend in Reston, VA, at the Reston Town Center.   This is my first time to go so I don't know what to expect but reading the website,, it looks to be an exciting day.

You can take your human on a walk around the Town Center which helps to raise money for homeless animals, check out some of the local businesses, show your human the latest in pet products- maybe some of the ones you've read about in Dog Fancy, enjoy onstage entertainment, face painting and caricature artists.  Bring the children humans with you too!

Look for us- my human will be photographing the event probably dressed in shorts, T-shirt with a camera around his neck.  Please don't laugh at him, it's embarrassing enough to see him in shorts without having other dogs come up to us and start laughing.... you can recognize me because I am truly a handsome shiny black dog- so how can you miss me?!?

I hope to see you there!!

The event is organized by: - choose wisely. choose for life

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