Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Friend

"Hello to You!"
Happy Friday Humans!! One more day to get through and you'll have the weekend!! RUFF! RUFF!!!!!

Allow me to introduce to you my Friday Friend.  Having just celebrated Mother’s Day it seemed like a great idea to tell you about a wonderful mom! Monica is a gorgeous kitty (yes, I just said that- but please don't share with the guys!) with a beautiful coat and unique markings.

She has been a terrific mom to her 4 kittens and now she’s ready for her own forever home. Monica is about 18 months old and loves attention. Her purr can be heard from across the room and she happily rolls on her back for belly rubs. Monica loves being brushed and petted (RUFF!!-my favorites too) and will purr and tell you how much she appreciates it! 
Can you give her the loving home she’s been waiting for? To learn more about Monica please visit her on the PetConnect website: PetConnect Rescue Adopt a Cat - Monica

"Aren't I the Cutest Cat?"

"I'd Make a Great Friend!"

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