Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Friend

My second friend to introduce you to today is Alfred.  My human got this email from PetConnect Rescue (the people who connected me and my human) about Alfred- a dog needing either a foster home or a Forever Home.  If you're not sure you want to have a dog in your home, frankly I don't know why you wouldn't since dogs are the greatest pets on earth (cats are close to it- but we dogs beat it by a few percentage points!), why don't you check out fostering a dog.  That will give you an idea of your liking. 

"Meet Alfred"
Meet Alfred.   He's bounced around like a ping-pong ball! Poor, sweet, gentle Alfred is extremely bewildered and desperately needs a foster (or permanent) home where he can once again learn that there are good people in this world and that life can have its joys. 

After years of neglect, Alfred found himself in a rural "gassing shelter" where he was held for less than a week before he was scheduled to be gassed.(OH MY GOODNESS!!!)   A local rescue league told PetConnect that Alfred was one of the nicest, most affectionate dogs they had seen in a long time and appealed to us to take him. We committed to taking him even though we were bursting at the seams with rescued dogs at the time. Since we are so desperate for foster homes, Alfred, unfortunately, was shifted from short-term foster to short-term foster and, once again, we find that we need a little stability for this dear, dear dog. 

 In spite of his rough journey, Alfred is as cuddly and loving as can be. He's a testament to the wonderful nature of a dog. He loves all people and children and gets along with cats. He seems to do well with female dogs, but doesn't do all that well with other male dogs. Alfred has been neutered, microchipped, is heartworm negative, and is all up to date on his shots. Alfred is 3 years old and weighs about 55 pounds. For more information, or if you think you might be able to help Alfred by providing him with a permanent home or a temporary, foster home (until he gets adopted), please email Mike at of PetConnect Rescue.

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