Friday, June 1, 2012

Looking for Dog Services?

My human lets me surf the internet after I do some writing every once in awhile.  Of course, he always makes sure the parental controls are set and working. I don't know why he does that, but since it makes him happy......  

Anyway, I came across a website that looks really great!!   It's at Red Dog Classifieds!  A pawsome resource for dogs and dog owners -you can go to the site, click on your state- check out the dropdown menu on the right- then look through the listings of products and services.

While I was looking around, I found my humans photography ad so I could get a great pic of myself for the lassies, a groomer and all kinds of great products.

Be patient with them as they work to create their website and attract more businesses.  They are fairly new so check back with them often.

If you own a dog-friendly business or sell a product for dogs, you might check into advertising with them so we can all know about you!

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