Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday's Success- A Day in the Life of Two Boxers

"On the Couch"
I lovc to read stories about dogs and their humans.  Today, I welcome guest blogger, Jonathan Rodriguez whose written about his life with two dogs.

"Our lives have been incredibly blessed and incrementally improved because of our sweet and lovable Boxers.  Gia & Capone, both females, are best friends:  They play all day, cuddle all night and wrestle every minute in-between.  

We take them everywhere!  One of our favorite places to go is to the local farmers market during the warm summer months. 

During our morning routine, Gia & Capone both lay on their comfortable dog beds, snuggling with one another.  As soon as I get my shoes out they are up as fast as flicking a light switch on. But that’s how it is with boxers. They only have two speeds: ON or OFF.  I can barely get my shoes on!  They bound back and forth with such excitement and happiness because they know that the day is finally beginning for them.  So, to say the least, I put my shoes on LAST, very last.

The front door opens and the dogs burst out to greet the day.  They literally run circles around me as I walk to the car.  Today, we are going to the local farmers market.  I open the back door and they leap in.  Once in the car Capone immediately starts barking in an unmistakable high pitch tone which she only does when she wants attention…or the windows open.  As automatic as the windows slide down, two dog heads stick out on both sides of the car.  They love taking everything in; whether it is the sun light, the cool morning air or the scent of flowers, cut grass or freshly tilled earth.

As the car gets going the anticipation and happiness crescendos in the form of flapping dog cheeks and ears.  Imagine a sky diver jumping from a plane: He gets going so fast his skin wrinkles and flaps in the wind; that is what their cheeks and ears do!

At the farmers market, Gia & Capone are only at a child’s eyelevel. They are often unseen by passers-by.  They take in an interesting perspective that can only be had by two excitable canines.  They put their noses to the ground and their ears to the wind as the park is filled with new, unfamiliar sounds, scents and people.  They are met with compliments from everyone that walk by but no one more than children.  These curious kids give love and adoration in forms of back scratches and head rubs while watchful parents look on with smiles and laughter.  Both Gia & Capone’s entire bodies shake uncontrollably as they lick the children’s hands and faces.  Their floppy ears contently lay back and their happiness is apparent through closed eyes and wagging tails.

After an entire afternoon of being worshiped by children and adults alike, Gia can’t wait for a good run in the dog park.  When we open the door it’s as if we had two race horses.  They bolt off one on the side of the other running with ease and grace.  They run and run and run.  When you think they are done they will start running again.  During their breaks they wrestle like two gigantic lions; nipping at the neck of the other in a playful manner while tackling and pushing one another to the ground. 

On the ride home you can’t tell where one dog ends and another begins.  They take up the whole back seat and they are asleep.  SUCCESS!  A tired dog is a happy dog.  They are in a deep sleep for hours and can’t be disturbed by anything; not even children pulling on their long ears.  They love every day to its fullest and live in the moment; all the time. 

I can’t imagine how dull life would be without our two girls Gia & Capone. They make our life full, tiring and absolutely worth living."

"The  Boxers"
An excellent story! Thanks Jonathan for sharing!!

Jonathan Rodriguez is an avid writer and blogger. He met his sweet heart, Savanna while studying at BYU. Together they have two beautiful boxers, Gia & Capone that they take on a long walk every day. He enjoys cooking meals for family and friends, riding his motorcycle and golfing.


Anonymous said...

Great reading! I love the natural and cool way you speak of your dog.

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you! I appreciate your comment!