Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog and Cat Photography by Allen

My human photographs dogs- he creates beautiful images of your dog which are fun, not too posed though he can do those too, and doesn't use a computer software to edit.  So, you can have them printed and framed or printed on canvas and note cards.  He has alot of fun with it.

Lately, he has done a lot of photography work for a few local rescue groups and a charity.  He loves meeting the dogs and helping them to find there "Forever Home."  He tells me he does it because several people helped him find me.  Isnt' that cool??

Here are a few images he did recently for a few rescue groups located in our area.

"Wanna Play?"

"Who Are You?"

"Happy to Meet You!"

"Pleased, I'm Sure!"

"Excuse Me! I Have My Mouth Full"

"Hey!! Look Who's Here!!!"

"So Pleased To Meet You!"

He will photograph your dog for you at the location of your choice for a session fee - you order the prints and products you want with no minimum required.   Visit, Allen Pearson's Photos, Dogs and Cats Photography for details.  If you are on Facebook, Allen Pearson's Photos.

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