Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Got Dog Hair??

Now this is exciting, I got to review my first product!

If you are like most humans, who love dogs, you've got dog hair- all over the place!  And, in some cases, you might have a lot of it.  Well, here's a product which may help you control those hairs!  A DoggyHairNet!!

"The DoggyHairNet"
The DoggyHairNet is created by Fred and Debbie Rembert. The idea behind the product is to prevent your dog from shedding all over the place but into the net. The net wraps around the dogs legs and body, captures the hairs and you clean it out.  The hairnet can be bought at DoggyHairNets.

The concept is a good idea, but, a consideration is a good diet can prevent shedding with most dogs.  Also, if your dog is having incredible shedding, you might mention it to your vet- this happened to me and as it turned out- I was allergic to my collar.

If you need some extra protection since you're having a party or an event where you don’t want your buddy to shed all over the place and be a problem for guests or want a “clean” house, the hairnet product should do the trick. 

One of the really cool features about it is the lightweight material.  Since I get hot easier than some dogs, it’s not comfortable for me to have much on- especially during these really hot summers.  Yes, even indoors it can get a bit too much.  

A few concerns I have is that I’m not sure how well it will hold up while trying to put on a dog who fights against you putting it on it, but just be careful.  Another, is the hook and eye clip at the end of the zipper.  It could come loose and become something easy for me to eat or even chew off.  Or, when you take it off your dog, be sure to set it somewhere he can't get to it.  So, if your dog is a chewer, you will want to order the item with the Velcro connector.  I know from my own curiosities that get me in trouble to pass on this recommendation.

More information as well as purchasing details can be found at DoggyHairNets.


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

for another type of a dog that would work....for my Sheltie? Noooooooo way! I wouldn't even consider putting that on him. If people don't like the hair they don't have to come over :)

Allen Pearson said...

Yeah, it's not for everyone, but my human has had a few events where it would have been nice to have had this product available rather than vacuuming just before the guests arrived (hee hee). Thank you for commenting- great to hear from you!!