Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cat Care Tip

 I got to talk to my buddy, Kurt Schmitt, this week at Cat Lovers Only.  He doesn't know what's he's missing by only loving cats- but I'll still be his friend so maybe my "dogness" will rub off on him- and he'll realize the err of his ways.  

Anyway, he's a great guy and sent me this tip to share with you:
"Cat Contemplation"

"Walks aren't just for dogs. If your indoor cat takes to it, you can harness and leash train her. Start out slowly by just getting your cat used to wearing a harness inside the house. Then, you can progress to hooking up the leash. Eventually, you can walk inside the house, and later, outside."

Check out  Cat Lovers Only for more really cool cat information.  And, my human has a book that my friend Kurt put together for Cat Lovers.  It will be posted in a link for your download soon.

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