Thursday, August 23, 2012

Car travel tips for dog owners

Today we are going to briefly talk about travel tips and travel safety for dogs and puppies. We all love our dogs, so it’s no wonder we want to bring them along on vacation, but this can be a little tricky sometimes. Anyhow, dogs are awesome travel companion so here is what you need to know before you and your dog pack your bags for a road trip. Below I listed the top 5 most important things I could think off before going on a road trip with my dog. This list is not exhaustive, so any other ideas are welcomed.

1. One of the first things you want to do is to get the phone number and address of a local animal hospital at your destination and program it into your cell phone, just in case of emergency. You also want to have an ID tag with your contact details.

2. Pack a photo of you with your dog in case he gets lost and you need to prove he belongs to you. You also want to remember your pet’s first aid kit and your spare leash. By the way, you might also need your dog’s ID in this type of situations, so make sure to carry it with all the time.

3. This is important. Make sure to buckle up your dog securely for the ride. True great ways to protect your dog along the way are crates and car harnesses. I personally, like to use a car harness in conjunction with an extension lead so my dog has a little room to move around in the back seat.

4. Do not leave your dog in the car while you hit that road sign dinner. Your vehicles internal temperature can rise to deadly values for a dog, even with the windows cracked. And if you roll your windows down all the way you run the risk of him escaping or somebody coming by and stealing your dog. So, pack a cooler or hit the drive through window. 

5. Don’t forget his favorite toy. Also, bringing in some treats and water is highly recommended especially if you are planning a longer drive.
Have a safe an happy trip!            

Taking all the safety measures you possibly can before going on a trip with your dog or puppy is just as important as buying essentials such as dog food or a good dog pen. Remember that your dog is your best friend and making sure that he gets everything he needs in order to live a healthy and happy life is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do.

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