Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Follow-Up to Cleaning the Mess!

There are many convenient ways to clean up after your dog these days.  I know as I've gone with my human numerous times to the local pet store and looked at ways which would work for him.

I noticed he could get this contraption where after your dog finishes, the human can take a rake and a shovel and scoop the poop with this and take it with him.  There are many types and styles of bags- one of them has a metal wire with cardboard attach around a plastic bag.  When Fido has completed his business, you scoop it up, push down and you have your product in the bag and sealed.  Also, there are little fire hydrant things you can put bags in and attached to the leash you use to walk Rover.  He creates a gift, you pull out a bag to wrap up in, and you have created an instant clean-up.   It's truly not hard to scoop up the poop and keep a sanitary environment.

My human uses bags he buys at the store which are long enough to cover this hand and arm since we take walks in the woods and this prevents him, or helps prevent, from getting into poison ivy at my choice of gifting site.

One other problem my human has discovered is disposal of bags when hiking.  Most of our hikes and walks are in the neighborhood so we just get rid of it at home.  However, those occasions when we go away to a local park and there is no place to trash these bags, my human has put a large plastic empty Folger's can in the car with a plastic bag from the grocery. He puts my bag in the plastic bag, then into the can.  Seals it.  It works well, unless you forget to take it out at home.  Trust me.  He did it!!


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

we use plastic bags from the grocery store! We are poop picker-uppers! Don't let the cat name confuse you....this is Dakota's Mom from Dakota's Den come and visit us...there's no poop on the floor there! BOL!

Allen Pearson said...

Yes, I remember you!! You're kind of like me, though I am a dog, and the name is "From The Dogs Paw" we write about cats too. We follow both blogs. Maybe I can interview Dakota sometime.

Glad to hear you are doing your part on cleaning up. Grocery bags are great too. Thanks for your comments.