Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cat Care Tip

My friend, Kurt Schmitt over at the Cat Lovers Only website, sent me some cat tips that I can share with you.  He's a great guy, but needs to add a dog to his life, in my opinion.  (Ruff!)

Here's his tip:  "Cats hate change. Any changes in routine, household items, furniture or family members should be done slowly or with consideration for how it affects your cat. 

"A Cat's Look!"
Don't change cat foods quickly, as this can cause gastric upset. Add a small amount of the new food in a mixture with the old. Slowly increase the percentage of new food over several days."

Learn more about Cats and the work Kurt Schmitt does at his website, Cat Lovers Only.  As always, I thank him for contributing to a blog written by a dog.

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