Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clean Up the Mess! !

Once again, I need to post my parental warning here, today's topic is rated, PG14 GTA (Gross Topic Ahead).  If you are not age 14, you must go get your parent to read this with you.  I appreciate it.

I don't like to beat a topic to death or repeat myself so many times that I sound like an old record stuck in place (my human's analogy as I don't remember records-am too young) but after a few walks with my human this weekend, and with school starting soon, I want to remind you of an urgent topic: Scoop the Poop.

My human and I have walked throughout the neighborhood on sidewalks and trails this summer season.  I am absolutely pawed by the number of times I've had to be careful to avoid poop left on the sidewalks!  What's going on here?  Now, we dogs have 4 paws and our humans have 2 legs which makes it 6 times likely that we'll step on something and track it somewhere that it shouldn't go.  That's not good.

"School Bus Stopping to Pick Up Students"
Now on a more serious note, the young boy across the street is leaving the house today morning to catch the school bus or the little girl down the street is doing the same.  They hustle or run because they don't want to miss the school bus or they want to catch up with friends before the bus arrives.  Well, you can guess what happens.  The boy steps in it, stops to wipe his shoe off but heads on to the bus stop to see his friends- never mind the odor and unsanitary stuff on his shoe. The girl?  She does the same, but instead, turns around and goes back home.   If the parents haven't left for work, she can get a change of shoes or cleaned up. If they have, she is out of luck and heads on to the bus stop.  She stands there alone.  No one will come near her.  She stinks.  Or reeks of odor not common to man.  She cries.  Gets upset.  The boy, kind of depends on the boys nature- he may notice or not.

Both children track the stinky unsanitary mess on the school bus.  By the time,  the bus reaches the school, it smells "odorifically (my word) horrible"!  The driver who must use the vehicle all day, not only has to clean the mess but smell the stuff until it airs out-

All of this drama because you were too lazy to pick up after your dogs mess.   Though we dogs do quite a few things to help our humans, we can't pick up our poop because we don't have the thumbs to hold the bag properly.

Local pet shops sell bags to use, or even tools if you need, to aid you in cleaning up after your pet.  If you are not able to afford them, use the plastic bags you carried your groceries or items from the store in.  It doesn't matter what you use, just clean up after your dog- "Scoop the Poop."


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I drive one of those big yellow sleds and last year I had a little boy get on with his shoe covered in poop. He not only sat behind me, but he scraped it all over the metal seat brackets, the floor, the heater. Yes I had to get down on my hands and knees to clean it. Gagging the whole time. The dog owners not only need to clean up, they need to start feeding a better quality food. That was nasty.

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you for your comment! You are very welcome. My human and I were so surprised at how often we found poop on sidewalks in the residential areas. It's been worse this summer than last which makes me wonder why. Thank you for expressing the importance of cleaning up after us dogs.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

we scoop our poop all the time!

Allen Pearson said...

Excellent! Glad to hear it! It's so important that we all do our part. Thank you for your comment.