Thursday, September 27, 2012

PetConnect Rescue and the Combined Federal Campaign

The rescue group who took the time to invest in my life and brought me from North Carolina to Maryland where I found my humans and a “Forever Home” is participating in the 2012 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). I requested information to share with you from one of the volunteers.

"Me at My Forever Home"
There are 6-8 million dogs and cats entering shelters in the US every year with half of them being euthanize due to unavailable adopters. Every single day, PetConnect Rescue of Potomac MD, saves abandoned dogs and cats when hope has run out and carefully places them in safe and loving homes. (I was one of those dogs!!

The non-profit, primarily volunteer organization has been chosen to be an approved charity for the 2012 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as a member of the Animal Welfare Fund. If you are federally employed in the National Capital Area, please consider designating PetConnect Rescue as your charity of choice by listing CFC# 84410 and pledge your support. Please share this with your friends and colleagues! PetConnect Rescue’s CFC code is #84410. Or, you can donate at (tell them Noah sent you!
"Looking for My Forever Home"
Tax deductible donations from the Combined Federal Campaign are a critical resource for PetConnect Rescue. The work they do relies on this funding as every dollar donated allows them to save more animals and provide medical attention often desperately need. These animals depend on our compassion and giving. (Like I did!

Help PetConnect Rescue meet its mission and goals in caring for animals through your donations. Donors can pledge their support during the campaign season which runs through December 15th.

If you have questions about PetConnect Rescue, please contact them at Questions specifically about the Combined Federal Campaign, visit,

By designating CFC# 84410, you support PetConnect’s mission. Thank you!

"Meet Ollie"

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