Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month- Noah's Human Guest Blogs

Since this is “Adopt A Shelter Dog Month,” my human will be sharing some thoughts today.
"Ruffgang Amadeus Mozart"
 In 2009, when I lost my previous dog of eleven years to cancer, I’d made a decision that I wasn’t getting another dog.   No way!   Though my friend kept sending me pictures and profiles of dogs looking for homes, I wasn’t going to do it.  My friend kept saying that I should reconsider my thinking.  Out of politeness for her, I did and still decided that I wasn’t doing it. 

Without talking to my friend, though they know each other, my wife began doing the same thing. Once again, I decided “no!” But, they were persistent.

Caring for a dog is a lot of work which I learned with my previous dog.  Not that the years together weren’t great.  Not that we didn’t have a lot of fun together.  Not that it wasn’t great to have him meeting me at the door shaking his tail wildly (even when I just went out to the mailbox).  Not that doggies kisses aren’t one of those special moments you have to experience to understand.  Not that a dog’s love is worth more than you can ever explain.  I just wasn’t doing it again.  I was going to be the world’s greatest nature photographer selling millions of my work and become rich and retire and just photograph for the rest of my born days.


Despite my ambitions, my friend and my wife were persistent in theirs.  I needed another dog.  Out of respect, I looked through the information they sent me so I could honestly say I looked, but reinforce- not doing it.

Until 3 weeks later.   I was missing my dog too much.  My wife will tell you that I was missing him the first weekend and driving her crazy.  One dog got my attention. He was young, handsome, house and crate trained, got along well with cats, this could be the answer.

My first application and call to adopt him discovered that another couple was interested and they were coming by that evening.   My heart stopped.  I was disappointed.  They would  call me if the couple did not take him.

On Tuesday, I learned that he was not adopted so we made plans to go meet him.  My wife loved him and I was still hesitant but he ended up going home.

In 2012, as I look back over the 3 years we’ve had Noah, I realize that my wife and friend were correct.  I needed another dog.  Little did I know at the time, my dog was a companion who helped me enjoy life more- when I’ve had a bad day at work, my dog is so happy to see me those issues go away.  When life’s road got too much- the dog somehow eases it away.  

Yes, I admit it.  I needed another dog.  The atmosphere they create in a home is beyond description.  Yes, it can be a lot of work, but the difference the dog makes in our lives, makes the work seem so much easier. Oh, and yes, he pretty much RULES!!


Deena O'Daniel said...

Thanks for an insightful and sensitive story. After I lost Rosie in June 2011 and Monty 3 months later, I immediately started the search for my next Corgi. Dakota arrived in November and she has been a joy. Those couple of months without dogs were not nearly as much fun as the previous 14 years! Noah is so handsome, and I love your header photo!

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you- not an easy story to write. Glad you found the perfect dog too! Thank you for the compliments on Noah and the blog header, it's one of my favorite photographs of him in his favorite (signature?) position.