Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When the "What If Happens"

When the “What If Happens”

Some may know others do not, several months ago my Dad pasted away. Leaving his rescued Golden Retriever to my Mother. Both of my parents are elderly. The concern, “What would happen to the sweet lovable tennis playing golden retriever?”, should Mother past before the Golden Retriever.

Some states have Pet Trust, yes actual probate laws to help pets. A piggy bank to tend to the life of the animal; food, shelter and health care and the best part who the person or persons be to tend to the life of the animals.

Currently there are 46 states that have Pet Trust Statues. First find an Attorney who specializes in trusts and estates. More importantly ask the attorney if their practice includes estate planning for clients includes the preparation of wills and trusts, including trusts for animals. The Attorney will understand the importance of estate planning to provide for the continuing care of companion animals.

Now I am not an Attorney, so please take this information as a thoughtful suggestions for your family and pets. I am a pet(s) owner who does care deeply for the “What If Factor”. Between the horse, cats and dog, let alone the goats, geese and chickens my goal is for each to live their life to the fullest. There is money for the animals and a very good contact person with lots of resources to relocate the animals if the beneficiary in unable to tend to the care of these animals.

So here is a great website that has a FAQ. I do not know this attorney, so I am not selling his service. I am providing a basic website to help you, the reader, channel your thoughts to best suite your situation in your state. www.professorbeyer.com

And if your not sure if your state has pet trust statues, here is a link to Animal Legal & Historical Center A Michigan State University College of Law School site Animallaw.info/articles/armpuspettrusts

May we all grow old together.

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