Monday, October 1, 2012

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

"This is Me!!"
October 2012 is designated as “Adopt-A-Shelter Dog” Month.  Welcome to my celebration.  Across the country,  shelters and rescue groups celebrating this occasion and encouraging humans to adopt a dog.  The event was created by the American Humane Association. The group is encouraging people to think about the question, “What Can An Adopted Dog Bring To Your Life?”  Determine your answer and then check out the dogs at a local shelter and rescue.  There are a bazillion gazillion answers to that question- my human would agree and probably say there is even more than just that- since he has me!  For there’s nothing like have a dog at home!!

For my celebration, I have invited guest bloggers from to write about their experiences with adoption or share tips on caring for a dog.   I will share some of my human’s dog photography work, have pages listing adoption events and feature friends who are looking for their “Forever Home.”  At the end of the month, we’ll have a special video parade of “The Rescue(d) Dog!” produced by my human and I.

It will be an exciting month. Subscribe by email, join the "followers," Network blogs or one of the other ways to follow, so you don't miss a single post!!!

Also, be sure to check out the blogs, writings and photography from my various guests this month.   The best writers will be stopping by to visit!!!     

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